Thursday, 13 January 2011


Technology is amazing... I can even post onto this blog while waiting to hear what the airline that should have flown us from Buenos Aires to Madrid are going to do now that their pilots have gone on strike and caused our flight home to be cancelled.

Coming home

It had to end. Two and a half warm, and exceedingly fattening weeks in Argentina. I posted a selection of photos here. Some are from a weekend trip to Chile. Right now, I'm sitting in Café Tortoni, the oldest coffee shop in Argentina. Am trying not to think of the work that awaits me when I get back to the office... (not that this was two and a half weeks of holiday - I worked on 7 of those days! But the rest of the time was spent in holiday mode - eating and traveling... and just to be safe, eating some more).

So it's time to come home. The flight back leaves tonight. I just hope the Dulce de Leche inside the suitcase doesn't decide to leak out... If it does, these will be amongst the sweetest, and stickiest, clothes on the planet.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Fishing Fail!

My attempt, literally just moments ago, to fish the River Limay (in the Andes) has failed. Epically. This was my third outing this year, and at least this time I did hook a fish... but it got away. Of course it did. But not before I'd hooked a low-hanging branch of a tree, an underwater root (I had to bite through the line in the end), and my own finger (I was totally stoic as I pulled the hook out of my own flesh). I had never realised just how dangerous a sport this could be... but if it weren't for the British (cold) weather, I really do think that even if the fish wouldn't be, I would be... hooked, that is.