Sunday, 28 May 2006

Wow - look at all that I've accomplished!

Yeah, as if. I just thought it would be nice one day NOT to have a title such as 'oh no, look how little I've done in the past X weeks'. I've only got myself to blame, after all. But it's funny that over a month ago I thought I'd be updating this page much more often, and yet it's only now that I load it up (and only because I'm waiting for Silvia to finish up so we can go to the pub!). But I assume I did do something over the past month, after all. Now what was it? I did start a paper (that has to be submitted by July 1st), and I did some work on the impending transition of the journal I shall be editor of, and I analysed some data, and I pulled out a bit of hedge in the garden, and laid some turf, and went to the 40th National Karate Championships where I won watched the main event with Silvia and the kids (they thought it was fantastic... and I have to say I did enjoy it... though one of the highlights was using the new satnav to get us there... quite amazing!). And then it was Silvia's birthday (bought her a bike), and then it was mine, and then it was today, and we went for a 2 hour bike ride, and that bit of my body that would have sat on a comfortable saddle if I had one is sore as hell! Other highlights included starting to go to the 'senior' Karate sessions on Thursday evenings (so that means that on a good week I'm doing just under 3.5 hours training), which was a fabulous, if strenuous, experience. And I must have had too much time on my hands as I also spent more time than necessary working on our lab's new logo, which will be something like:

The eye happens to be my son Sam's eye. For those that may read this and wonder what his eye is doing there, my research focuses in part on how language can direct visual attention and, consequently, eye movements. Actually, the logo looks better when vertical (scroll down on this page to see it). And I guess the accompanying slogan ought to be 'putting the eye in psycholinguistics' (you have to say it out loud to realize that there already was an eye in psycholinguistics...). Childish, I know. But I've never denied that streak in me...