Saturday, 1 February 2014

TagNotate: almost a review, on Gizmodo

The excitement continues. People are actually using the app, even though it was released less then a couple of weeks ago. Gizmodo said:
If you read a lot of articles, whether as eBooks or research articles, then this app is essential
TagNotate was selected as one of the best 5 apps for iPad released the week ending January 20th. Over one 4-month period towards the end of last year, 100,000 native iPad apps were released; that's around 4,000 per week. So Top 5 isn't so bad! Hopefully we'll get a few more reviews. Otherwise TagNotate will be in danger of blending into the darkness caused by the collective shadow of 500,000+ other apps on the iPad App Store. Ugh.

So... if YOU would like to evaluate the app with a view to writing a review, let me know (it shouldn't take much effort to find my email address) and I'll send you a promo code that will allow you to download the app and evaluate it for free. But at only £1.99 ($2.99) it won't break the bank.