Thursday, 13 October 2011

iOS 5

Early adopter or what? I couldn't resist. Plugged in at work (this is NOT the machine I backup on... but so?) and downloaded the update (it backed up the phone), and it all went swimmingly. Looked like I'd lost ALL my apps, until I saw that it was restoring them in the background! How cool is that? Not cool at all, it turns out, because except for the Apple apps, each one of my apps that had magically appeared only moments before crashed on launch. Crashed. CRASHED. Each one. EACH ONE. Undaunted, I went home and plugged the iPhone (4) into the machine that I usually backup on... I hit sync, and after a few moments, it was done. And as if by yet more magic, each one of my apps that had magically popped up and previously crashed now worked. Worked. WORKED. How cool is that? VERY COOL.

Less cool is iCloud. What's up with that? Why can't I sync keychains? Well... there is a very simple answer to that. First, because Apple say it won't. And Apple are the law around here. Or there. Or wherever the iCloud is. And second, because each time I try and migrate to iCloud, I get a polite message which, roughly translated, says "we had no idea anyone would actually want to use iCloud, so we have been taken totally by surprise and are unable to keep up with demand. Please come back when we've gotten our act together." iCloud? iFail.