Tuesday, 14 July 2015

TagNotate 1.1 released

Yep... yet another version hits the app store today! Lots of improvements, and more still to come. But... we need more reviews! For reasons that escape everyone, a review written on e.g. the US App Store doesn't appear on the UK App Store even though it's the very same software! So this is the blogger's equivalent of begging (!) - please consider downloading the app, giving it a try, and writing a review on the App Store. It's still free for another few weeks as it picks up steam. There's at least one more major release (1.2) before we let it run its course for a while. If Kickstarter can crowdsource funding, surely I can crowdsource reviewing?!

To make it particularly easy for you, you can download it from here. And to write a review, scroll down to the bottom of TagNotate's page on the App Store, and under where it says Customer Reviews, click on Write a Review. Don't forget to select some (high!) number of stars as well! But a written review is what we need to get noticed by web sites and other blogs.

And except for a new version of TagNotate, there's not much else to tell. I'm in London for a surprisingly cold and damp week. Hanging out in Café Nero where the coffee is excellent, the furniture comfortable, and the wifi fast. Turns out, Café Nero was founded by another Gerry... I wonder if he wants to invest in TagNotate?