Saturday, 29 March 2008

I know... I know...

Ok - so it's a long time since I had anything to say for myself. Since last having anything to say, I've been to Glasgow (UK), Chapel Hill (USA), Oxford (UK), Sainsburys (UK), and assorted other places. Made editorial decisions on 35 papers, and sent a bunch more out to review, and generally despaired at my workload. But the University eventually came through, after many many hours of argument, and agreed that the money associated with my 3-yr fellowship would be given to the department so they could replace me and relieve me of teaching and administration for the 3 years. So at least that's sorted. Unlike my suitcase, which is still empty, and needs filling before I leave later for Manchester Airport en route to Geneva. I must be mad. Not least because of the huge quantities of chocolate I have promised to bring back with me. If I wasn't so tired, I'm sure I'd have other stuff to report, but for now, I can only think that the kids are fine, the pond's working, the house is warm, Silvia's playing the piano, and I'm only about 20 manuscripts behind... that's not so bad, is it?

The really sad thing about my life? If Apple did the decent thing and released a 3G iPhone next week (which I will buy the very millisecond it's announced), I wouldn't have any time in which to play with the thing. Now that would be bad.