Friday, 17 January 2014

Tagnotate: Annotate your PDFs and tag your annotations

Four years since inception...two years in development. Today's the day that TagNotate goes live. It's for annotating PDF documents on the iPad and it does something no other app does: it allows the user to assign tags to individual user-added annotations (notes, highlights, sketches, etc.). These user-definable tags can then be used to collect together annotations containing the same (one or more) tags, across single or multiple documents. No other application allows tagging of annotations, or the use of such tags to filter and aggregate notes and highlights across those files (and yes, the patent's pending and the trademarks also). You can even use the tags to filter your files so that only files containing annotations with the selected tags are shown in the file browser. And when you've aggregated the annotations you care about, you can copy them onto the clipboard, or email them directly. It sounds like an obvious thing to do, but surprisingly, no one else has done this before.

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Phew... that's just too much excitement for one day.