Saturday, 26 May 2007

A sign of the times

Yeah well... 6 weeks since I last sat down long enough to write something here. Not much has changed in that time.
  • The pond is still leaking (I climbed in today to look for the leak, but that didn't help).
  • The birds are still nesting in the roof.
  • I've made over 70 editorial decisions (it's been a quiet time at the journal).
  • I've applied for a couple of grants.
  • I've analysed a few experiments' worth of data (these are experiments where we monitor people's eye movements as they look at various things on a computer screen and listen to various things over loudspeakers).
  • I've upgraded to RapidWeaver 3.6 (with which I maintain this website).
  • I've upgraded to a MacBook (and almost lost the customized files for this website)
  • Silvia and I bought a piano (a Roland DP-970, which is a compact digital piano with a fantastic keyboard and a really good sound).
  • We bought, and used, a BBQ. And then it rained for the next two weeks.
  • I didn't buy an LCD television, despite wanting to.
  • I didn't write the paper I want to write - at this rate I shall shortly become an academic has-been.
  • I didn't reply to way too many emails that I should have replied to.
  • I think I took a weekend off, but I'm not sure - may have been more than 6 weeks ago I did that...
  • I was ill for a week and stayed home (and worked), except for my birthday, when I had to go to work to chair a meeting, but the consolation was that I got to eat chocolate birthday cake.
An uneventful 6 weeks...