Monday, 19 March 2007

I'm leaking...

Well.. not really me. The pond. I don't have time to leak: Since my last post I've made 106 editorial decisions (accept, revise, reject, etc.) and sent 74 papers out to review. I know all this because the journal's database is online, and it never tires of spitting out performance statistics (how many days I spend between receiving a paper and sending it out to review; how many different people I've approached as reviewers; how long it takes me to make a decision on a paper once I've received all the reviews; how many hours I spend asleep; how often I shower). I have no personality any more; I've become little more than a page full of statistics on a server somewhere in the Netherlands. No wonder my pond's leaking. Except it's not leaking. It's crying.

It's Monday. On Thursday I'm being graded for my first brown belt. If I get it I'll be amazingly proud: One small step for a man, one big step for Karate (actually, it's more a step, block, and a punch....).