Saturday, 7 July 2007

Just back from a conference...

Just back from a conference in Edinburgh:
  • got rained on
  • ate too much
  • stayed up too late
  • got rained on some more
  • drank moderately but more than I'm used to
  • saw photographs someone took of me and noticed that the bags under my eyes appear to be an independent life-form
  • drank not so moderately, and more than I'm used to
  • learned some stuff that I shouldn't do (research-wise; not drink-wise)
  • learned some stuff that I should do (research-wise; drink-wise is a given)
  • wished that I felt more fulfilled (yeah, I know...)
  • wished that I could look forward to a weekend without doing any work
  • looked forward to a weekend doing lots of work
And when I did get home, I found
  • baby toads crawling over the garden
  • baby fish now twice as large as when I left (and many more now - probably between 20 and 30)
  • data to be analysed
  • a report to be written (due two days earlier)
  • data to be written up
  • papers to be sent out to review (12 of them)
  • papers to make editorial decisions on (9 of them)
  • a Patient Information Sheet (for some research with patients) to be re-written
  • a sense of impending despair
  • a strong desire to find another career