Wednesday, 21 January 2009

my first time ever...

As a child, I was hopeless at anything requiring physical activity - I couldn’t climb the rope, jump the vaulting box, or clear the hurdles. Inevitably, in any team sport that required two of my schoolmates to choose their teams, I was chosen last. Nice. So imagine my delight when, for an impromptu karate contest in my club earlier this week, I was chosen first!

Other highlights:
  • fantastic new postdoc in the lab, likely to revolutionize our eye-tracking facility
  • fantastic page proofs for my most recent paper (I’m being ironic, or is it sarcastic? - the wrong figures were typeset, and even if they’d been the right ones, they were in the wrong place - but the words were all in the right place, and seeing as I wrote them, I can attest to just how fantastic they are)
  • fantastic progress on the journal front (I’m being neither ironic nor sarcastic - just untruthful)
  • fantastic progress on all other fronts (if turning up 10 minutes late to a committee I chair counts as fantastic)
  • fantastic over-use of the word ‘fantastic’.