Sunday, 20 December 2009

it's very, very cold...

Last night it went down to -11C (that’s 12F). There’s an inch of ice on the pond. Or at least, there was until I dug a great big and unsightly hole in it...

Things I’ve discovered over the past couple of days:
  • Chocolate fountains and children do not mix. Or rather they do. All over the carpet: what goes down does sometimes come up again.
  • It’s actually quite pleasant doing absolutely no work at all over the weekend.
  • Delonghi have released the ESAM6700 - successor to the ESAM6600 that I really, really, covet. The new machine costs a few hundred pounds more, which makes it all the more covetable, and all the more out of reach. Anyway... I make a perfectly fine cappuccino each morning, and it’s almost as good as the cappuccino they make at La Colombe in Philadelphia. It’s true that I can’t do the Latte Art... but I want to drink the stuff, not hang it on my wall...
Things I’ve done over the past couple of days:
  • Turned the AMLaP 2010 page into a blog; I can now add information as I get it.
  • Almost nothing else.