Wednesday, 22 September 2010

100 days left

Yep - 100 days left till another year. And what wasn’t there to like about the first 265 days?

Almost 38 weeks have elapsed. Sadly, I no longer measure time in years, months, weeks, or days. Nope. 38 weeks is not 265 days (or thereabouts). It’s zillions of manuscripts sent to review, zillions of manuscripts triaged (not sent to review), and gazillions other editorial decisions (accept, reject, revise). Ok. I’ll admit to a modicum of exaggeration. Each of these numbers is only in the hundreds (a word that in the present context rolls off the tongue as easily as a mouthful of hair). And all this while I’ve been applying for grants, writing papers, organizing conferences, going to conferences, planning / managing / collaborating on research (yes, not many people realize that I also do research), dealing with some of the fallout from the Hauser affair, and hardest of all, dealing with the one hangover that I suffered through all of this. Yes; just the one. And no, I do not mean that it was a very long, 265-day hangover. In fact, it barely qualified as a hangover. And in any case, no one noticed. I blame Brian.

Today is notable, aside from being 100 days away from 2011, for the outdoor temperature: 20C. It is an absolute certainty that it will not be this hot again until next year. The fish are already in lazy mode. It’s catching: The kids are in lazy mode too. As am I.