Saturday, 23 October 2010

dilemmas of a modern world

Should I or shouln’t I:
  • cut the lawn (seeing as it might rain)
  • fix the Heron deterrent around the pond (seeing as the Heron is looking at it)
  • worry about the one baby fish I spotted yesterday (seeing as it looked awfully lonely)
  • go see The Social Network (seeing as I’m the only person not to have seen it)
  • take the weekend off (seeing as the journal’s queues are cleared)
  • work on the revisions to a paper (seeing as I’m evidently incapable of taking the weekend off)
  • change broadband provider (seeing as my current one can’t resolve my ridiculously slow speeds)
  • buy the new MacBook Air 11-inch (seeing as I have no excuse at all: I just want it)