Thursday, 13 January 2011

Coming home

It had to end. Two and a half warm, and exceedingly fattening weeks in Argentina. I posted a selection of photos here. Some are from a weekend trip to Chile. Right now, I'm sitting in Café Tortoni, the oldest coffee shop in Argentina. Am trying not to think of the work that awaits me when I get back to the office... (not that this was two and a half weeks of holiday - I worked on 7 of those days! But the rest of the time was spent in holiday mode - eating and traveling... and just to be safe, eating some more).

So it's time to come home. The flight back leaves tonight. I just hope the Dulce de Leche inside the suitcase doesn't decide to leak out... If it does, these will be amongst the sweetest, and stickiest, clothes on the planet.