Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Californian weather

I blame the Beach Boys ... somehow, I had always believed the weather in California was how weather should be - warm, dry, breezy, and perfect. Maybe the Beach Boys never made it to Palo Alto, and that's why it was so cold, wet, windy, and simply horrid. The conference was good, though: Met up with the 'usual suspects' and had too good a time. But next time (and you know who you are) stop me from ordering that extra bottle of wine!

Quote of the week: "So, Gerry - my RSS feed aggregator must be broken because I haven't seen anything new on your blog recently".

Of the many highlights these past few days has been the culmination of my search for a software developer. For all those Doubting Thomases out here (I had to look that one up - I'm so ignorant), putting the equivalent of a Small Ad on my blog worked (see the last but one post). I was contacted within moments of that post, and just three weeks later we're almost ready to start the whole process! Ok, so it was three weeks, a sushi lunch, two beers, and a gin and tonic later. This could be a life-changing event. And not just for my life. Hopefully it won't be too long before I can post the following here: