Sunday, 24 July 2011

Wanted: Investor

Avid followers of this blog, amongst whom I count myself as the sole member, will recall that sometime ago I posted a wanted ad, for an iPad developer. A few months later, and we're (almost) in business. We have a company name, a product name, a mockup of the product's functionality, a roadmap for future versions' functionality, and both a programmer and a designer on standby. Why, I hear you ask, on standby?— Actually, I don't hear you, just me (sadly) — well... we're looking for around a $30K investment (to supplement our own investment) in return for a share of the revenue. In the spirit of my original ad, I am posting this craziness here so that Future Me (who is also Older and Wiser Me) can chuckle at Younger Me. But for those investors out there who might be curious, just get in touch. As was the case when I (successfully) solicited a developer (who is now my business-partner, having invested his own money, as I did, in this venture), you'll have to take my word for it that this app is going to be huge. And a game changer. When you see the idea, you'll understand (you'd have to sign an NDA, I'm afraid). Various investment options are on the table, if you want to pursue this. Including some very low-risk options. And before any of my offspring ask: no, I'm not taking this to Dragon's Den.