Saturday, 10 September 2011

Laws of (e)motion

It occurs to me apropos of nothing, other than that the grass is still too wet to cut, that Isaac Newton should have been a therapist of some sorts (I resisted using the term psychologist, as I believe that I myself am one, on a good day):

  • Newton's 1st law of motion: Every body stays at rest, or continues in motion, unless acted upon by an external force. Emotional translationEverybody wants to stay at rest, or continue on their way, without someone else messing with them.
  • Newton's 2nd law of motion: The change in motion of a body is proportional to, and in the direction of, the amount of force acted upon it. Emotional translation: The change in emotion of somebody is proportional to how much they're messed with, and depends on how they're messed with.
  • Newton's third law of motionTo every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction. Emotional translation: To every emotional reaction there is always an equal and opposite one. Often way sooner than you'd want.

Other than my pondering the laws of motion (and thermodynamics, as it happens), I've also had occasion to ponder the prospects of becoming incorporated - a technical term that applies to the creation of a corporation. Am on my way to the store, this morning, to buy jeans and a black turtleneck...

Another recent excitement has been the release of the Oxford Handbook of Eye Movements. I had a hand in the cover design - I generated the word cloud that is used on the cover. It looks much better up-close and personal... if, that is, you have the physical strength to lift the thing - it's HUGE. Of course, although I think the cover is brilliant, the final chapter in this tour de force is orders of magnitude more brilliant