Wednesday, 19 March 2014

TagNotate 1.2 waiting for approval!

It's been a hectic time:

On the domestic front, my father and I are each moving house (the two overlap to the extent that I've been helping sort through the layers of family possessions which, rather like geological structures across time, get put down gradually over an extended period, with each new layer of things covering up the previous layer). While planning my own move, I'm also planning the house into which I shall move - it's being built right this minute... er... well... no... not unless they're working through the night out there in the sub-zero temperatures of Connecticut. I had no idea that choosing appliances for the kitchen is so painful, or that 15% of refrigerators break, or that the phrases "contemporary staircase" and "made in Connecticut" do not co-occur on Google. Or anywhere else.

As exciting as all this is, I find it hard not to extol the virtues of that other big 'thing' in my life just now: TagNotate. Version 1.2 is with Apple waiting for approval before it can go live on the App Store. It's hugely improved. And we have a new marketing tagline:

Among the changes - iOS 7 look-and-feel, and importing of files and folders in zip archives. I used it recently for a grant panel that I had to prepare for, and it took me less than half the usual time it takes me to read, annotate, summarise, and review each grant. It's such a shame that I can't review it myself on the app store! So if anyone's reading this... please download and review it! Better still, tweet about it, or post about it on your own blog! And once you've done that, you could even consider using it...

Other major changes in my life: Cognition has an Editor-in-Chief-Elect who will replace me from Jan 1st 2015. I daren't look at how many manuscripts I've made decisions on during my time on the journal. I think that by the time I leave it could be around 4,500. Which reminds me: I'd best get back to working on #4269...

Subliminal advertisement:

Buy it. Download it. Review it. 
Annotate your PDFs. Tag your annot... nah... just buy it, and review it.