Sunday, 7 February 2016

Letter from Connecticut

I can't bring myself to see when I last posted... but I'm moved to write something in response to the snow here in Connecticut. I'll not hide the fact that I love it. But it comes at a cost. And not just to the town (er.... what town?) that have to clear the roads (which they do with an efficiency that is quite extraordinary), and the folks who get stranded etc. etc. No... I'm talking about losing the 200lb concrete lids off the septic, and the top inch off the gravel driveway, both through over-zealous plowing. Or, as we Brits spell it, ploughing. We've a ton (or more) of gravel to somehow rake back onto all 700ft of driveway... And I'm told that I can't volunteer my graduate students to do it. Really? I can't?