Saturday, 13 October 2007

4 days in the life of a workaholic

  • Tuesday evening: Train to London. Write three action letters (i.e. with editorial decisions). Eat Sushi. Stay in hotel near Paddington
  • Wednesday: Take early train to Heathrow. Fly to Washington DC. Skip the movies and instead write seven action letters (and one blog entry - see below).
  • Wednesday evening: write two action letters in hotel. Walk to nearest RadioShack, but they're out of iPods.
  • Thursday morning: Wake up at 4am local time. Write two action letters. Walk to another RadioShack (further away). Buy iPod Nano. Cross road to AT&T store. Play with iPhone. Fall in love.
  • Thursday afternoon: write two action letters. Read other reviews of the grant applications I shall be speaking about at the grants review panel.
  • Thursday evening: meet with panel, then go for very decent meal and even more decent wine.
  • Friday morning: Wake up at 5am local time. Check reviews again for the grant applications I'm speaking about. Meeting starts at 8am. Lunch is brought in (we had a 20 minute break!). Meeting finishes at 5pm. Quick beer with a few colleagues. Taxi to airport. Write two action letters. Board flight. Sleep (those US pharmaceuticals work a real treat...)
  • Saturday morning: Wake up at 9am local time. Land, take train to London, then to York, on which I simultaneously upload all my decision letters, write this entry, and contemplate the need later this weekend to remind myself of the two lectures I'm giving on Monday. First one starts at 9.30am.
I think I need therapy.....or alcohol.