Wednesday, 10 October 2007

somewhere over the Atlantic

In my last post I wrote "...I can go back to my usual erratic blogging". I got an email from a friend who worries that it doesn't befit a serious academic to have an erotic blog... What's an 'r' and an 'o' between friends?

So... am cruising at 36,000 feet somewhere over the Atlantic. Have decided that a trip in Business Class (no frequent flier miles left!) is way better than a day at the office. It is actually more comfortable than the office, and there are no interruptions except for when fantastically nice people bring me coffee just as soon as I appear to need it. Not to mention bringing the occasional snack. How good is that? I emailed a couple of colleagues (the two who are least likely to take me seriously) and suggested that they could do worse than to take a leaf out of the United Airlines Cabin Staff Manual, Section D: Keeping Customers Happily Supplied with Coffee, Nibbles, and Smiles.

So between nibbles, lunch, and unlimited supplies of halfway decent coffee (Starbucks, apparently), I'm managing to make editorial decisions on a whole bunch of papers. Self-satisfaction knows no bounds...