Thursday, 31 January 2008

It's life.. but not as we know it...

My life in 10 days:
  • Submitted my tax return with two days to spare
  • Tried to arrange for the new mortgage to start in time (it didn't)
  • Sent a bunch of papers out to review (but not nearly enough)
  • Made decisions on a bunch of papers (but not nearly enough - that'll teach me to take holiday over Xmas)
  • Submitted 7 grant reviews almost on time, but there never seems to be enough (time)
  • Set up most of my new eye-tracking lab (most of...but not all - you can guess what I ran out of)
  • Replied to one email, from someone I've never met, accusing me, as an editor, of gross negligence, unfair treatment, and unprofessionalism (I'd rejected their paper)
  • Replied to another email, from someone else I've never met, saying I'm possibly the best editor in the universe (not sure why this person said this, as I don't think I'd recently accepted anything of theirs, but they are a guaranteed friend for life...)
  • Worked till between midnight and 1am most nights to try and meet deadlines
  • Failed to meet all deadlines (except my tax submission - but hey, that'd have cost me dearly!)
  • Been elevated to Premier Executive status on United Airlines. I'm not sure what it means...
  • Replaced pump in pond, 'cos the old one (only 4 months old) broke. Well...almost... the new one is waiting to go in, but have to go to San Francisco first, for two (yes, just two) nights (for NIH). Thank you aquatics-online for replacing the pump in just two (yes, just two) days.
  • Wished I'd bought that bottle, in my dream, marked 'instant time - just add water and wait'.
  • Wished I'd bought that other bottle, in my dream, marked 'instant life - just add time and enjoy'