Saturday, 4 October 2008

I've joined the dark side...

It’s finally happened. There I was, allowing a visiting friend to entertain me, when I was introduced to the marvel that is Facebook. So I registered. Well... I tried to register... the system sends an email to you to verify you want to register, and when you click the link, you’re on. Evidently, my presence on Facebook is not meant to be, because the email server I use, courtesy of my work, decided to call it a day, and shut itself down. So Facebook will have to wait...

Am still not convinced that Facebook is where I want to be. The idea that one has to beg people one hardly knows to become one’s “friend” fills me with dread. And what if the people one
does know say “no”? So on the assumption that I would be the only person likely to look at my entry, photo and all, wouldn’t it just be easier for me to look in the mirror?

Who knows, perhaps the lure of a new technology will prove too irresistible, and I will become an addict - posting near-instant updates of my current activity for my imaginary friends to read.

But until then, am off to Washington (DC) for a couple of days. Bye.