Saturday, 11 April 2009

the good, the bad, and the ugly

The Good
  • submissions to the journal are slowing down – in the first 14 weeks of this year, we’ve received only 15% more submissions than we received in the first 14 weeks of last year. Phew. So at this more reasonable rate (after 10 weeks, we were up 30%), I anticipate around 825 submissions this year. We can do that. We can do that. We can do that (if I say it enough times, it sounds almost believable).
  • two new Associate Editors are due to join the journal later this year.
  • the ducks have laid three eggs in the garden.
  • I have never booked a flight for the wrong day, let alone for a date a whole week after I was meant to travel. Unlike some.
  • I have been working surprisingly effectively (for me), and even getting some research done, and a bit of writing.
  • my new pen.
  • my new car.
The Bad
  • I still haven’t cleared the queues on the journal - I’m about 10 days out of synch. Oddly the exact time I lost through going to a conference in the US. I’m currently down to four Associate Editors at the journal, which is why my load has been relatively higher in recent weeks.
  • The ducks didn’t actually sit on the eggs, and I now regret not swiping them instantly and cooking up a duck omelette...
  • It’s Easter, and I’m off chocolate (nothing to do with giving up something for Lent - more to do with not wanting to give up my trousers...)
  • Yeah well, I so wish that was my new car. The only thing my new car has in common with a ferrari is the color red... not that I have it yet - apparently no one is crazy enough to want the model with sufficient airbags to cushion anyone other than the driver, so mine’s a special order from the factory (somewhere in France).
The Exhausted
  • Yesterday, despite having slept almost 10 hours overnight, I was so exhausted I could barely work, and I in fact slept another 2 hours in the afternoon. My body (and mind) are telling me I need a break.
  • Equally exhausted is my bank account.