Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Yesterday was a first. Never done it before. After years of resistance, I finally succumbed. I prepared 6, six, SIX different vegetables to go with dinner. S-I-X! Ingredients added to the different veggies included: butter (boring), lemon juice (conventional), tarragon (on veggies??), sugar (cheat!), parmesan (obvious), and Cointreau (original, no?). Another first: none were overcooked. A final first: I picked up my Peugeot. Apparently it's working. They'd had it 8 days. Almost as long as it took me to peel, scrub, prepare, cook, and digest, the Xmas Eve Veggies.

Happy Xmas to everyone. And Best wishes for 2012 and beyond!