Saturday, 31 December 2011

Goodbye 2011, from Times Square, NY.

Yep - am about to go out and celebrate the passing of yet another year. I'm currently sitting in a hotel just yards away from Times Square, where the party's already started (it's just before 5pm local time) - perhaps the biggest party in the world: They're expecting a million people to come out into the streets around Times Square to celebrate. I, thankfully, will be nowhere near (but will be with friends in Washington Square, 2.5 miles south of here).

So how am I passing the last day of 2011? Compiling statistics on submission rates, rejection rates, triage rates, and all sorts of other rates, for Cognition, the journal I edit. You heard it here first: Despite gradual turnover of Associate Editors over the years, the rejection rate remains a steady 78% (I try, I really do, to reject more! Submissions that is, not Associate Editors). The triage rate is 38% (i.e. of all submissions, we reject 38% without sending to review). But I'm getting soft; my own triage rate was only 43%. We received the exact same number of submissions this year as last year (891 - thankfully, the increase in submissions has finally come to a halt). And I handled myself, personally, just over 35% of the submissions, with the remaining submissions being handled by the eight Associate Editors.

Actually, I did more than just compile a bunch of statistics today - that only took me about 15 minutes. The rest of the time I processed a few more manuscripts, shopped, walked, shopped some more, dodged the occasional wayward taxi, ate, napped (hey - I only got in yesterday - jetlag has another day to run!), drank coffee, drank some more coffee, emailed, and finally, flicked through the multitude of channels that is American TV. 

So this is it: the last post of 2011. To those poor people who have nothing better to do than read this: All the best for 2012 and beyond. And to my friends and colleagues on whom I rely perhaps even more than they know - a huge thank you. And to the future version of myself who might one day come back and read this - I hope the hangover didn't last!