Monday, 5 March 2012

I'm finally a neuroscientist!

Yep. Much to the annoyance of various colleagues, I am now a bona fide neuroscientist, having been elevated to said status by none other than a publication in the Journal of Neuroscience (ok, so it's not quite published yet, but it has just been accepted. Moments ago). Better still, this is the best work of my career. But I can't take all the credit by any means. The work was, and continues to be, a collaboration with a bunch of people at the University of Pennsylvania. So it was really Nick, Emily, and Sharon who made it happen. And more than that, they made it better. Now... I'm not one to advertise my own work (and only occasionally do I advertise any one else's), but hey, other people have made careers out of promoting themselves on Facebook, so I should at least be able to promote myself on my own blog.
Hindy, N.C., Altmann, G.T.M., Kalenik, E., & Thompson-Schill, S.L. (in press). The effect of object state-changes on event processing: Do objects compete with themselves? Journal of Neuroscience. 
Of course, the three people who read this blog (myself and, at the last count, my two parents) will be dying to know what this work is about. But I already know, which means I merely have to explain it to the other 66.67% of the readership. But they love me whatever, so it doesn't really matter what the paper's about. All that matters is that it's accepted, and it's the best thing since sliced bread, my latest watch, the iPad 3, and cold fusion.