Sunday, 18 March 2012

Think Different: Apple's new tablet

This is my kitchen:

The caption was Jamie's idea. The dishwasher tablet was Sam's. The Photoshop skills (or lack thereof) were mine. You can get a better view of the Apple tablet by clicking on the photo below (and zooming in).

If Apple made dishwasher tablets, they'd be dishwasher applets...

And in case you're curious: 2 13" MacBooks (unibody), 1 13" MacBook (black), 1 13" MacBook Air, 1 11" MacBook Air, 1 each of the iPad 1, 2, and 3, 2 iPhone 4s, 2 iPod Touches, 1 iPod classic, 1 iPod mini, 1 iPod nano (1st gen), and 1 iPod shuffle (1st gen). I couldn't be bothered to get the Apple TV, the Apple Airport, or the 2 Airport Expresses in there. It'd be pretty daft to put those in the dishwasher, don't you think?