Monday, 27 December 2010


... is the name of the café in which I am sitting, in Buenos Aires. The temperature at 10.20am is a cool 27c. And except for the connecting flight this afternoon to Patagonia, this is my last trip of 2010 - there were 16 others this year (8 of those 16 were to the USA; I'm excluding trips within the UK). It's true that 4 of those trips were "vacation" (Argentina, Samos, Tenerife, and now Argentina again), but on only one of those did I in fact do no work (Samos). So I fully and guiltlessly intend to take a week off while I'm here! And for once, NO journal work (unless there are any emergencies - I did manage to clear my queues before leaving). Instead, I hope to draft a grant proposal, something which, perversely, I'm really looking forward to doing.

Other things high up on my list to look forward to while here in Argentina: swimming in the river, fishing (and maybe this time actually catching a fish), eating, improving my Spanish, and eating some more...

Am looking forward to a very fat 2011!

The only downside (other than the calories)? I miss my kids. Needless to say, they never read this. But who knows... Perhaps one day they will, and perhaps they'll stumble across this post, and then they'll know.

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